Innovation, Performance, Dependability and Value…

are the core attributes of Red Composites and our products.  Developed with cutting edge chemistry and the latest manufacturing technology, Towpregs from Red Composites deliver.

Our pre-impregnated fibre products find useful application in a wide range of critical composite structures through the winding of pressure vessels, cables, masts, flight vehicles and other performance structures.  

When required, custom formulations and engineering designed fibre/matrix ratios are available.

We wind our Towpregs with advanced flat-tow and controlled bandwidth multi-spool equipment utilising the latest fibre winding technologies.

Red Composites Towpregs can be transported and stored for extended periods of time prior to use without refrigeration.

Returnable, low environmental-impact packaging is employed wherever appropriate.

Red Composites offer in-house mechanical testing, thermal analysis and analytical chemistry services.  This resource is available to support the optimisation of end-user cure schedules and to benchmark the mechanical performance achieved in cured composite componentry.

HS, HE, IM & HM, 6k to 50k
E, S2 as Rovings or Assembled yarns 
PBO, Quartz, Aramid, Basalt

Toughened systems for dynamic Composite structures

High Strain for pressure vessels, where high fibre translation properties are critical

Elevated Service Temperature                                                

Space Flight with pass of European Space Agency standard ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C, Thermal vacuum out-gassing test